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Q What do you write?

Besides articles about writing? I am a novelist. My genres are sci-fi/fantasy (or as I like to call it, science fantasy as I blend elements of both) and horror, aka dark fantasy. I no longer write poetry and while I played with plays when I was younger, really I am better suited to novels - particularly long ones, preferably epic in scale and usually part of a series.

Q Why do you have this website??

My goal is to provide a central resource to encourage and aide other writers. It started as a small blip with a few articles and grew till I had to bust out dreamweaver to contain the information. And I have yet to scratch the surface. I want to help you write. This is the way I'm doing that.

Q You’re a writer, how come I see grammatical mistakes? Surely you know the difference between their, there and they’re?

Oh yes, I certainly know they’re reading their books over there while you’re reading yours. The problem is a mix of quick typing, dyslexia, and the difficulty I have noticing mistakes. I’ve even been known to leave out words. It’s so annoying.

For example: for some inexplicable reason, I’ve started to add possessive apostrophes when trying to pluralize. (writers’s vs writers) Something wrong happens in my brain and the wrong one comes out. And when I read it, my bloody mind often corrects it internally without letting me know anything is amiss.

I do have someone proofread my work, but she misses some as well. So I am in an eternal battle with punctuation mistakes. Unfortunately knowing the rules doesn’t help me apply them at full speed. And no, I can’t type more slowly.


Q Wait a minute, why is there a “u” in colour? And why do you refer to something as burnt rather than burned?

Ah, glad you asked. I’m English. I do live in the United States, but that hasn’t altered my spelling habits much. My website, my choice.


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