Pet Terms

My mum and I have come up with a few different ways to express writing ideas. Most of them are probably pretty clear but I’ve started to collect them here anyway.


Turkey in the oven syndrome.
Mum’s experience with writer’s block is that it would last for quite a while up until Christmas day when she was bending down to... you guessed it. Her very best ideas always came to mind when there was nothing she could do about them.

Couch time.
A lot of writing involves just sitting and thinking (see internal concepts). It’s an awesome aspect to the job (and another reason I don’t see the point of free-writing. You should be thinking!) It is very important to spend some time (usually lying down) staring at the ceiling while you watch movies play in your head. If you don’t give your imagination room to experiment in your head you will have nothing to write. Period.


The Banshee’s scream.
That is the voice that often shouts inside us “I will never write again”. She’s a lier and a bitch but she can ruin days and weeks if you are stalled. See my article called doubt.

I sort of invented this term because I felt the word inspiration didn’t quite fit though the concept is close. It’s based on the concept that you can get the spark of an idea from just about anything.

Tallest Poppy Syndrome
Okay so I wasn't the one who came up with this, an Aussie friend shared it with me quite a number of years ago. In short it is the tendancy of others to try to chop down the tallest poppy. What do I mean? Success, skill and talent all rise an artist above the average. Those that have been left in the dust often have issues with this and are mean, rude, or just plain stupid in all dealings with the person soaring to the top. The methods vary from passive aggresive sniping, (Oh just kidding) to plain attacks. It's stupid, petty and best to be avoided. Just be warned that when you take off some individuals try to shackle you to the ground. Don't let them. Ignore it and don't engage. They already are getting what is due to them. The title of short poppy.

Short list huh? I know we use more pet terms but I can’t think of them at the moment.


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