Dark Truth

Dragged into a fight that is not her own, Elyan Sindal holds the key to Prince Falcon Di’ane’s fate. But getting along with his Ambassador is taking all her patience. The count down has already begun. It's time to wake up and start running.

The Chronicles of Elyan Sindal is a four book series of epic proportions, tying the fate of four planets to the actions of a very special trio.

Dark Truth is the first book and I'm closing in on the ending. Be ready for a science fiction story like no other.


Dark Truth:
Plot draft five, version four
462 pages
Chapters One - Twenty completed.

Saibon Dreams:
Plot draft four, version three
123 pages of scenes, sketches and outlines.

Posioned Blood:
Plot draft six, version three
89 pages of scenes, sketches and outlines

Death's Poetry:
Plot draft six, version two.
71 pages of scenes, sketches and outlines