It wasn’t until 2008 I connected the inspiration for my constant scribbling to one of my favorite authors. He writes amazing, detailed, rich, epic stories full of depth and intrigue

His was the first adult novel I ever read; “Tailchaser’s Song” by Tad Williams. 400 pages of pure joy. I became fascinated by the idea of writing a novel, and thus the dream, the burn, the urge began.

But I was only nine. I had some practice ahead of me, and a lot of advice to listen to.

Which brings us to the Library.

I can’t package the years of tutoring and coaching from my own mother. But there are books from other authors which have been read cover to cover several times and are what I would consider essential reading for a novelist of any age.

The methods and suggestions don’t always agree. And sometimes a combination of approaches works best. But each one of them has words worth listening to.

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